Thursday, May 3, 2007

the lions drafted another rec *i before e except after c, eiver and the polar ice caps are melting

the pistons start a crucial series in the nba playoffs against the hated chicago bulls.

and i check out the north american sports network programing, and i don't see any mention of nba playoffs on there... what am i going to do?
goal: find a sports bar in the city to watch the game - sat? sun?

more important goal: pitch another 0-1 hit performance and get us a win on sunday against nemur angels.

finally figured out how to upload pictures onto the blog. that's fun. now i have another procastination mechanism, oh wait, i'm no longer in college so i don't think procrastination applies in this instance.

i guess i should update my blog from last friday to today (thursday) although here it is 235 am and officially friday, except that i forgot what i did on sunday night and monday night so i emailed my friend clio (see picture above and to the right, taken on tuesday night? at the tofleje rond, my new favorite place...) to see if she can remember what i did so i can write about it and because i'm trying to keep the blog in chronological order, then i can also write about my horrible outing on sunday, our victory on saturday, my first hit of the season on tuesday, my continuing success in the language of the netherlanders, or as we refer to it as justin's belgianeese (otherwise known as dutch, flemish, antwerpen dialect, or flanders?) can someone just consolidate the labels and give me something that everyone calls it because seriously no two people refer to the language as the same thing....that's why i like belgianeese the best.

oh and in case you were wondering, the lions broke jay prinstein's draft rules by drafting calvin johnson, wide receiver from georgia tech, and not trading him... did you really expect them to not doing something ridiculous, even if johnson turns out to be a hall of famer, this pick probably costs us a chance at the super bowl...

so when can i watch the pistons again?

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jay said...

The boomer is my only son and is THE NUMBER ONE SON and is a sense of pride to me. All I wanted when my son was born was a son with two arms, two legs and a nose and look what a joy he is and how he is living his dream.
So you want to know how he got the name BOOMER?? Everything he threw from his crib had a boom and his mother was ready to trade him back to the yankees but dad held strong for the CUBBIES!