Friday, June 3, 2011


Haven't written in a few weeks, mainly because any attempt to recall the past few games makes me depressed. I haven't had a stretch like this since I started playing baseball (parents feel free to correct me) in which I gave up more than 10 runs in 2 starts in a row. First against the undefeated and first place Paderborn Untouchables and then last week against Solingen Aligators.
The weird thing about these two games is that I felt great both days. I felt like I made my pitches to the locations that I wanted, the pitches I wanted, with the proper movement. I really didn't have any answers for why it went so wrong - maybe it was 2nd game of the doubleheader and the other teams hitters were locked in, or that my hand was slipping on the seams of the rubber balls we are using in the games periodically. Pitching both games at home, in the 2nd game, on our very soft and not very good mound may be screwing up my landing point/stride and altering my mechanics, but still, as a professional you need to find a way to make an adjustment. I can blame the umpires everytime, but the other teams have to deal with their inconsistent and miniscule strike zones too. All I know is that I have to change something - try a black glove, shave my head, try to stay positive, and hopefully my mojo comes back for our games in Dortmund tomorrow.

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